Yume Arikawa 有川結女

I really need to blog more! I have a backlog of post to write but I am so lazy to write about them. Even the pictures have already been taken edited, and are ready to go. So while this topic is fresh in my mind, and the love is strong, today I will write about another Japanese actor.



Recently I have been watching a drama called Kazoku (Family) Game (家族ゲーム). It is quite a brilliant drama. Then all of a sudden this girl appeared BOOM!! Born on the 4th of August 1998, 14 years old Yume Arikawa. She plays a minor role in the drama lasting for 2 episodes (I think). Wow she is like super cute, and I wish there was a girl like her in my childhood. There I said what I wanted to say. (^^;) Nothing more, nothing less (。・`ω´・。) safe. Eh? I was umm… just talking to myself again…

There is not much information about her. I probably need to grab that file with all the dirt on her, from her hobbies, to her family structure from Yoshimoto-Sensei. “ψ(`∇´)ψ You’ll understand what I mean if you have watched the drama. Since I don’t have that; a random Japanese site says she is part of the dance group Super☆Angel. Well I have high expectations for her in the future. あああああかわいいいいいいぞ!