Yokohama & Cup Noodle Museum 横浜・カップヌードルミュージアム

It’s been 2 months since my last post. I’ve been busy, lazy, and trying to avoid writing about my trip to Japan. Well it was the best experience, and the most fun I had ever had in my entire life, but so much happened that I was too lazy to document it all(^^;)

I spent a little more than a month in Japan (because that’s all the time I could get of work…) visiting Yokohama, Shizuoka, Saitama, and Tokyo. I had a plan, but was too lazy to finish making it, so instead I just went without one. Getting lost and exploring the alien country. To tell you the true, I felt right at home and blended right in hahaha(^q^)

I spent about a week in Yokohama, doing nothing but wandering around, and adjusting to the culture. It is one thing to read and know about it, but another to experience it. I didn’t exactly stick out like a saw thumb as I thought I would. As I recalled while waiting in Sydney for my plane to arrive, a Japanese lady asked if I was Japanese. I didn’t know what that was about, maybe she just wanted to talk in Japanese???


I didn’t take as much pictures as I would have loved to but, I wanted to experience being in the moment and my camera was getting in the way. So sorry about that, I am going to make up for it next time.

After chatting to the hostel tourist guide place, I received a map which I still probably have somewhere, it added a plan to my no plan. It showed various landmarks in and around Yokohama. One of them pictured above is called ‘Akarenga’ also know as the Red Brick Warehouse. It has a long industrial history, but now has been converted to a shopping mall. It’s really weird/cool how it has automatic glass doors on the entrance.


I also visited the Yokohama cup noodle museum. I didn’t know about cup noodle. It is Nissin’s instant noodle brand called ‘Cup Noodle’, very delicious by the way. After discovering this, I was starting to see ‘Cup Noodle’ everywhere in Japan. Inside the museum it totally felt like a Willy Wonka Factory. It was so awesome. I even made my own cup noodle with a few high school girls. It was so embarrassing going there alone. Only kids or couples go there, but I went by myself. I recommended going with someone.


Here are the steps to making your very own cup noodle. I needed help on step 8, so I asked an elementary student to help me, he was so chubby and cute. I’m sorry, I made his whole class wait for him lol.

I went with the original soup, chicken, negi(leak?), egg, and cheese.


6. Sealing the lid.


7. Shrink wrap.


I should have made another one.


Hear are some shots taken from the top of the cup noodle museum.



It isn’t called a museum for nothing.






I was born in the year 1992, so I had to get a shot of that.


Here we watch a movie about the founder.


I believe the first cup noodle was made here.


Crazy cup noodle art.





Across the road from the museum is Cosmo World, a theme park.


Everyone was taking pictures of this Christmas tree, quick I don’t want to look weird, I better take one too! I believe this was inside Minato Mirai, another landmark.


Here is landmark tower! A magnificent building. It is the 3rd tallest building in Japan, and has the worlds 2nd fastest elevators, to teleport people to all of it’s 70 floors. On the top is a garden.




Here is my completed cup noodle! I had to eat it to get more space.








I stayed in a hostel, it was really comfortable. I had my own room the size of 3 tatami mats. I had to share a shower, and toilets with all the people on this floor. They didn’t have an elevator, so I had to lug my luggage up 5 flights of stairs. Damn it the people who take ages in the shower. There is a button that you press and it gives you 5 minutes of shower time. But people abuse it and keep on pressing it to get a longer shower.


The room is pretty neat, just enough space, and is about half the size of my own room back in Australia. I had everything I could ever need. A fridge to store my カルピス, a table for eating my dinner, and a TV for watching Legal High 2, and Ando Lloyd.


First time sleeping on a futon, and it fixed my back problem!


Well I had fun, now on to the next city! Shizuoka, Ito!

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