Xenoblade Mayu ゼノブレイドのまゆゆ

Osu! It’s been a while since my last post, so much has been happening in the past few months.

So I managed to come across another rare item (not as rare as the sakina namajashin) which are these promotional Xenoblade cards. The picture above shows both the front and back of a single card that’s right I bought only one and used Photoshop to create the illusion of buying 2. They are roughly double the size of a standard trading card.

Xenoblade is an RPG game for the Nintendo Wii, I do own a copy of this game but never completed it because I got stuck on a boss which requires me to level up in order to defeat it which is always the case when I play RPGs. Well below are some CM of Xenoblade featuring Mayuyu enjoy!

  • dung4

    I feel sorry for selling my Wii, because Wii U already come 😀