Write a Review! レビューを書きなさい!

Now with the help of a little plugin called ‘Customer Reviews’, anyone can write reviews. On the navigation bar is a menu called ‘Internet Stores’, under that heading is where I like to write short and helpful reviews of internet stores I have dealt with in the past. However this is just the opinion of one voice. Therefore I would like others to also drop by and hopeful share their experience and guidance to newbies.


How it works?

Well I am not starting a review site any time soon, this is just a small part of this website where I can hopefully help out new shoppers. Basically all the reviews available are mostly on sites that I have used personally. Once you navigate to a page of a store, at the bottom of the review you will see a button which says, ”Click here to write a review” or something similar. Once you click that you can start typing up your review.

It will be sent to moderation, and will be displayed in a few hours or maybe even minutes. The moderation stage is just to filter out any spam, I don’t care how bad you write, just share your opinion!

Well that is it! If you do want to write a review for a non listed store or formally add to an existing one, you are more than welcome. I haven’t set up anything formal for this but you could always email me your review along with pictures you would like to include (if applicable). My email is listed on the facebook page here. What are you waiting for, start typing!!

As of 16/08/12 this feature has been removed.