\(^o^)/ Welcome to Kobayo! \(^o^)/ 小ばよへよこそう~

ども~たけるです! Hi~ I am Takeru! Well I guess some people know me from Chiu’s Figures, but it’s more than likely that you never heard of me. Here I am back with a new website! ( ^ _ ^)∠☆PAN!

Kobayo is the successor of Chiu’s Figures, I can’t believe how many people like it. 21 people! (on facebook)

So… this site is still under construction but pretty much 100% operational. Although it has not official been released and will not be until web hosting transfer has been completed, which is due in 1~2 months time. Although some post that cannot wait, will be created to satisfy your eyes at certain times needed. I don’t know if that made sense but ケケケ.

If it’s your first time here be sure to check out our about page as well as who I am? WHO AM I!!!!?

For updates, you can subscribe by email, RSS, like our Facebook or follow us on Twitter! Each one has it’s own benefits, so why not do all those things to become a hardcore fan before anyone else? What are the benefits? Well for example, Facebook is updated with all the photos in a future post, that’s right! Released before the post is even created! Not only that, but the photos are HD, ULTRA HD!! Superior to those that are uploaded on this blog.

I hope everyone will share the excitement of this new blog! See you in the next post~ cha cha.

p.s The content from Chiu’s Figures will not be moved here, maybe only a select few, sorry for the inconvenience, but I have reasons for this, unless you have a request?! One of your comment has the power to override any inconvenience!!