The Secret Art of Blogging ブログの書き方

Today I am going to let you in on the secret process that I use to create blog posts. Over the past 4 years I have been blogging, the simple techniques I use become more and more time consuming as the quality, and amount of pictures increase. What first started off with a 2 megapixel camera phone, uploading to a wordpress hosted blog, has now developed to the use of a high quality mirror-less camera, uploaded to a self developed (powered by wordpress), self hosted blog with full social sharing abilities. Below will take you through the recently developed process, with the latest post on the Olympus OM-1.

A typical blog will start out with pictures, after taking as much pictures as possible to cover all aspects of the subject it is ready for post processing.


I had started to recently take photos in RAW format, which allows for more flexibility to produce a good looking image. In the picture above, I used a program called ‘Image Data Converter’ which came with my camera. Before I used to shoot in JPEG and just run it through photoshop for batch editing. Editing RAWs is more time consuming, but makes a huge difference in the final outcome of your image.


When all the RAWs have been processed and converted into high quality JPEGs. It’s time to copy over a program called ‘ffx-image’. This is a program I created myself in python. A couple of weeks before my exam, I stayed up all night coding this program, then later refined it after my exam. It is extremely useful for my purposes. What it does is use an existing windows bat script which I made about a year ago to rename all the file in the folder to have the same name but with trailing numbers, such as, mirai_01 mirai_02 mirai_03. It also automatically resize all images to have a width of 600px (perfect width for my blog) and automatically calculates the correct height to keep the picture in proportion.

The program can rename files without the windows bat script, but the order it does it in is messed up, so I integrated the bat in with ffx-image, since ffx-image can format the name I enter in such as HA#$rry Po(tTEr into harry_potter_01.


Here is ffx-image in action, renaming all the files. By the way why is it called ffx-image??? FFX is Final Fantasy 10. I couldn’t thing of a cooler name, and at the time I was playing FFX. So naturally… but the ffx in ffx-image doesn’t stand for anything!


In the next stage, the program resizes all the images to have a width of 600px, and puts it into a folder called ‘WP’ short for WordPress.


If there wasn’t a program already, I was going to integrate this feature into ffx-image. This is a free program available to the public called ‘jUploadr’. It uploads photos to your flickr account. Recently I created a flickr account to upload all my photos for HD viewing. Flickr is great because it preserves the quality of your image, not only that under each image it displays what camera, lens, and settings you used. I think that is pretty neat!! Previously I used to upload photos to facebook but that was a big mistake… The pictures I upload are quite huge about 12mb or more so it takes a while and hence use a stable program instead of the web uploader.


Next I upload the converted 600px images to wordpress, as you can see they are only 361kb! That’s so small! The original RAW files add up to over 200mb. There is no way I would upload that, firstly I would run out of space, secondly it might not even upload at all, and thirdly it would take the visitor years for each image to load. There is also a forthrightly, RAWs won’t show up, but that’s beside the point.


WordPress has improved it’s media interface a great deal compared to what we had in the past. 361kb uploads in an instant!


The only part where we can’t cut corners in is writing a quality article. I always seem to make a few mistakes here(^^;)

After the articles done, add the title, some tags, select the categories, set the featured image, and we can relax.


Once we hit publish, it is live! Automatically publishes to Facebook and twitter too!


Make sure it is showing of the front page.


Recently I don’t like the picture facebook picks so I like to share the link manually.

Why are there so many fans?! Non of them talk to me…(-o-)


It is also available on twitter.

It seems like most of my followers are JKs lol. Do you know what JK means? search the page here!


By this time the photos should be completely uploaded to flickr.


Well now you know the secret. I am still pretty bad at this blogging thing…

By the way would anyone like these super awesome kobayo bumper stickers, I just received them today! They are pretty expensive to produce, but if a lot of people want them, then maybe I can make them cheaper.

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