You might remember the post a little while back about Shokojo Seira. For some reason almost every drama I watch has such awesome music. This is my first time I have actually purchased a drama OST, and they are not cheap! Oh wait maybe they are. They are about 2381 yen, depends where you buy them from. So quite decently priced actually.


I like how they included the cute mouse, but it would be nice to see a picture of Seira… It’s a bit plain, nothing really special about it.


Inside is the track and staff list.


Tracklist is on the back again.


As I continued my lust for Mirai Shida, I also picked up the OST for Hammer Session. (Okay that sounded weird, I am not a pervert or anything <.<) Hammer Session is another brilliant drama which I might post about in the future, and as always the music is top-notch.


I wish they included extras with the soundtrack. Since when did people start buying CDs for music? We want more!! Or that is just probably me…


I think we are starting to see a pattern here. Both of these dramas are TBS drama though that could be the reason.


Feel free to request a copy of it. I mean digital copy sorry! Because these are quite good, but rare to find online so I am happy to help out with rare things^^