Study in Progress 勉強中

Lately I haven’t been updating for various reasons. However after my exams are over I should be keeping up. Also Momoiro Clover’s daily ripoff calenders were released!!  Isn’t it awesome? I used it to make a study calendar (pictured above).

Well… not really… you see… I am actually…  very poor right now…  OTZ Unfortunately I can’t afford it no matter how hard I save up, something else always takes it away. However next year, that will all change. I have acquired a job. Finally I can put my years of skills to uses. Rather than developing webpages and form handlers for my own purposes and trying to get people to uses them. Hehe you know what I am talking about. Don’t you? You will probably see next year how nuts I go ahaha.

Oh and the calendar I made is pretty neat right? Take a look at the back!

I guess this will satisfy me until I get the real one! Well then see you in 3 weeks, or maybe earlier.

  • dung4

    Good Luck 😉 Thank’s for sharing

    • Thank you very much!! (^o^)/

      • dung4

        Don’t mention it ;P. now get your book and enjoy 😀