Sound Horizon 7th Story Märchen Live Blu-ray

After a long wait, I was able to save up enough to purchase sound horizon’s Marchen live concert Blu-ray version! Both the DVD and Blu-ray were priced the same, the only difference is that you will receive 2 disc with the DVD ver. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that no extras came with the DVD or any extra content.

This is a little bit pricy but well worth it, even though I have already watch it over 15 times, why not watch it again in HD. I never watch anything over and over again unless it is brilliant. (except the Negima concert) Marchen, in my opinion is a Masterpiece!!

Sound horizon live tour dates, I wish I could see them live…

The disc is nothing special, which is probably why I never could find any unboxings. I really wanted to know what it looked like before I bought it. Well, looks like I did the unboxing hehe…

The menu was in Deutsch!! However it was easy to work out what they all mean. Firstly Anfang is play, Klang has something to do with the sound. Where you can choose from 5.1 surround sound or stereo. Untertitel is subtitles, which is Japanese subtitles for the Deutsch parts.

Next, I present 7 random screen shots from the HQ video. Enjoy~

  • Lorelei

    Just a small correction: the menu is in German, not Dutch. 🙂

    • Yeah of course! Thanks for picking that up^^ I meant to write Deutsch but somehow I wrote Dutch instead. (^^;)