Sony Xperia Z


A few weeks ago I picked up the new Sony Xperia Z which I had pre-ordered, just because it looked so awesome. As you can see this is the white version!


The back is really really nice~ It also has a 13 MEGA pixel camera, so hopefully I will take better pictures on my blog instead of the 5mp iPhone camera I am currently using. I have also heard that the camera is also good in low light, which is a huge plus!


The screen is such a finger print magnet, but the good thing is it is waterproof so I can just wash off all the finger oil with soap!

sony_xperia_z_04 copy

I don’t really have any apps at the moment, still getting use to the change from IOS to android. I feel more free with Android! Sorry I wrote this post so late so I don’t really have much to say…

Feel free to ask any questions, if you want to purchase to same phone! If it’s a matter of colour, I suggest white! Black is sleek and cool, but plain and ordinary. Purple is something different, and if you want to stand out! I think that is it for now,  stay tuned because a giveaway is coming up!

  • ohashi