SONY NEX-6を買っちゃった


The Xperia Z’s camera is not so bad itself

Hi! it has been too long. As you can see I have purchased a new camera!! At last I have a camera! I decided to move away from a DSLR and try these new mirror less cameras also known as a compact camera systems. I have been eyeballing this particular model for months, little did I know that it was actually released this year. Damn the price was not going down. I found it online at a local retailer for about $900. Also since I am traveling to heaven… I mean overseas within the next 60 days I become eligible for the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) that we have in Australia. I am not sure if other countries have this or not? Basically you get it tax free! That is a whole 81 dollars back in my bank account!

I particularly didn’t want to carry any DSLR around with me because

  1. it is super heavy
  2. discrete-less
  3. intimidating
  4. too much gear

So to elaborate a bit more, what I wanted was a camera that provides the quality and functionality of a DSLR but in a travel size package. (that also looks sexy) Carrying something so big everyday and all day is just too much. It is not very suitable for street photography (which I plan to do a lot of) since you can’t really be discrete. What happens if you bump into a JK (女子高生) or even Kanako (百田夏菜子) on the streets of Tokyo? They will be intimidated by you and your huge camera. Well maybe not Kanako but you will be labeled as a hentai by the JK. You know news spreads fast through the JK network. I will leave you, you hentai to imagine what happens afterwards.  Which brings me to my last point, bringing too much expensive gear just causes more problems, and therefore not suited to the adventure and light weight traveling person… like me!


This model is the NEX-6 by Sony, I seem to have everything Sony without realizing it! I am just attracted to the sleek design that they have.


I just love this camera, the electronic view finder works great, but it’s really awkward to use. Also it uses more battery compared to the LCD screen, which I have read, but can’t really confirm it. You see that WiFi logo, it means it has in built WiFi which allows you to download apps on to the camera to add extra functionality. Some apps are free and some are paid, there is not much to choose from in the Sony store though. WiFi also enables you to link your smart phone and use it as a remote view finder and shutter button. It’s pretty crap!


This mode dial is probably the selling point for me. It’s pretty awesome! I love my Aperture priority mode! Apart from the usual stuff you have superior auto which is the yellow icon with a + sign. Apparently this mode shoots auto but reduces blurring and noise. The SCN mode allows you to switch between those enthusiast modes such as sport, portrait, and landscape. Finally the weird shape one is panorama mode, which is so much fun. It does it so well, the stitching is perfect.


Controls are easy and smooth to use. Really smooth!


It also has a pop up flash! I don’t really like using flashes though…


Can’t wait to try out this monsters on some cute girls!

This kit lens apparently sells for $500 on the Sony store, so it is cheaper to get it with the body. I also like the compactness of this lens, it’s so easy to carry around, and take great quality shots.

Apparently the battery doesn’t last long only about 300 and something shots. So I do recommend buying some backups. Not the official one because they are so damn expensive, if you can afford it go ahead. But don’t go buying those chonky eBay ones either. They can leak and damage you expensive camera. Also a majority of them aren’t able to hold charge. For example you charge it and the next day it drops to 80% when you never even use it.

Now for some test shots, sorry I didn’t have anything interesting to shoot… like a cat.


This piece is called “Momota Kanako no Hoshi” Momota Kanako’s star which sounds like “I want Momota Kanako”.

sony_nex-6_04The next piece is a fake flower with fake water.

Well I hope that was enjoyable! Currently I’m finishing of [starting (^^;)] my assignments, and preparing for my upcoming exams. Then it’s of to Japan forever!!!!!!! I am never coming back. So see you in Japan (^O^)/~~~


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