Site is Still Under Construction!

UPDATE: March 4, 2012

Kobayo is officially released as of today! Although some minor bugs might still be present, we have successfully transferred web host yay!

This site is still under construction, but I have made available to the public. Why? So I can grab the top spot on Google searches when someone types ‘kobayo’. Already I have got the 3rd place after 1 day.

Everyone must lend me your powers so we can defeated, Kobayo’s youtube channel.

Ufufu…. no that is not the real reason. Actually I didn’t have any reason to restrict site access anymore since most of the site is done. If you see something strange don’t be alarmed, it just means something went wrong. I don’t want to release this site officially yet until, I have successfully transfer web host. In order to complete that, I need money, which will be coming in 2~3 months time.

Yes I love being a university student! You get free money from the government for your studies. I would much rather spend it on this site and the upcoming giveaway, than heavy textbooks that I hardly use.

Thanks for your patients and together you will help me take over the internet if you like it or not!!

  • Congrats on being 3rd already!
    I doubt i will ever get a top spot for my blog as someone has a very closely named one who has it on (google’s owned) blogger ヽ(´□`。)ノ

    • うい~ My first comment. I have to reply no matter how late it is!!

      Thank you, it took no effort at all!

      Haha… your name has been taken by a traditional Japanese toy. Maybe you could reach the top with plugins like XML generator and all in one SEO. I guess that is one of the many benefits of self hosting.

      When I first saw your comment, I thought you where going to congratulate me on the 3rd time I move my blog lol.

      Anyway thanks for your comment! (^-^)/

      • Haha no problem! It’s an honor to be the first, i didnt even realise as well that this was your 3rd blog move LOL

        Either way i wish you all the best with this one c: