Site Updates and Fixes

Being your own site administrator is not easy, but it’s fun and you can do what ever you want! Without paying someone else to do the dirty work. Over the past few weeks I have tried to find time to make some modifications to this theme. I will list the changes below:

  • Different font for headings
  • 32px Social Icons
  • Search Bar Added
  • Google+ Page Created (social icon added)
  • Full Width Posts and Pages
  • Updated Footer
  • New Commenting System in Place
  • Related Posts with Thumbnails
  • Optimize Images
  • Customized Login
  • New slideshow style

During that time I also found a few bugs that were fixed:

  • Header image was smaller than the content div.
  • htaccess file was causing images to not be displayed.
  • Search box on the search page was too large.
  • Fixed Home Page Navi
  • Update Post/Page Link Colour

Also my laptop has been sent back to repairs again therefore I will try to update as much as I can without it, but uni work is building up a lot since it is halfway till the end of semester and exams…

I would greatly appreciate any feedback of the site and suggestions to help make it better. Also if you find any problems please let me know by leaving a comment or something.