Shokojo Seira 小公女セイラ

Greetings~ Takeru here! It’s been so long! I have been so busy lately. I guess I am becoming an adult now, since I have a lot of money, and almost no time. So this means I won’t been around for a while until… about halfway through the year. I have been studying, and to keep me motivated I watch some dorama to keep me going!


Shokojo Seira or Little Princess Seira has been one of them. This is one of the best dorama I have watched this year. The main character is played by the super cute Mirai Shida (志田未来), I first came across her in another dorama called Nobunaga no Chef in which she pretends to be a man. The first line I remembered she said was, “Don’t touch me, I am a man!”. This occurred as she was rescuing a young man she found in the river by carrying him on her back. It’s hilarious because it is so obvious she’s a woman. By the way this drama was released early this year when she is 19 years old. Shokojo Seira was released way back in 2009!

Now back to Shokojo Seira. Seira is a princess who lives in India. It was so weird how all her servants spoke Japanese fluently though. I have a feeling they were being dubbed. Seira decided to goto the school her deceased mother went to in Japan. Her character is portrayed as a kind, caring, and loving princess. She is a wonderful person, I mean even I fell for her. (^^;)  So beautiful she is, and super cute. I wish I could meet a person like her.


Seira is perfect at everything english, cooking, drama, Japanese and even French, I was so amazed by her French!! Also I forgot to mention Maths, they were only solving polynomials though. Easy stuff! I wish she would come and help me with my maths!


The school spent so much money on her as a V.I.P. she has a special room, an expensive birthday party, everything! Because the school is in a financial crisis, her father offered a donation with a few conditions for the school to look after his daughter.


Unfortunately her father passed away so suddenly. The principle interrupted her birthday party and took everything away from her. She has nothing left and forced to work as a slave in the school. She is treated horribly, poor living conditions, and bullied by classmates, the chef, the principle and even her friend’s childhood friend/fiance (or so she thinks she is). She is used quite a bit to get donations from people.


She manages to make few friends with her princess magic. She is truly a beautiful person.


For some reason she looks like a cross between Tomoyo Kurosawa and Karin Ogino. It depends on how she has her hair, but I am fine with either. (I hope that wasn’t a creepy comment >.>)


One of her enemies, but she is so cute, yet pure evil.


Wasting tomatoes… I am about halfway through this dorama. I can’t wait to see what hardships she overcomes. I cried all the way through. (don’t tell anyone) I highly recommend this cute and wonderful dorama, please watch it, and you to may fall in love with the princess. Remember every girl is a princess!

Now to return back to reality. Ugh maths… life is so boring without a princess…

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