Shinai 竹刀

It been a long time hasn’t it? I hope everyone is healthy. I planned to return much earlier but so much has happened, in my journey to become a true man. Yes today’s post will be related to Kendo since it’s all I have been thinking of these past few weeks.

I also warn you that since I haven’t been posting for a while my Engrish might be all over the place, since this is a place where I also practice my English.

The reason I never attempted Kendo when I was younger was because my parents said it was too expensive. Until I found out about the Kendo club in University. It was actually quite cheap than most places.

I became most interested in Kendo after a nice young girl recommended I watch a drama called Otomen (オトメン) . The drama was a romantic comedy, very funny and I loved it. So in my final year of high school for Japanese class we had to pick a topic for our in-depth study to research. Because of this drama I had picked Kendo. I should of pick AKB or Momoiro Clover. (^^;) So after I entered university, “they had clubs!”, I thought. However it was nothing like it was in anime. I found out about the Kendo club then and join. So that is the end of that little story now on to the main course!

Please excuse the crude background… (-.-)

Here is my brand new shinai! It is actually my 3rd one. Technically it’s not brand new, I used it a few times, so that is why it is a little blue. I still have my first shinai, however it has been retired, but I still keep it as a spare just in case. My second shinai broken in a practice shiai.

This shinai is a koto style which basically means its weight is evenly distributed and it gives you the feeling of holding a real katana. Personally I like the dobari shinai better.

Here is a closer look at the leather grip or tsuka-gawa.

A tsuka-gawa that has been used for half a year.

A closer up of my perfect string tying skills.

A closer look at the nakayui.

Close-up of the sakigawa.

I had to also pick up a new shinai bag because my old one grew a rather large hole in it. Large enough for my shinai to fall out of it. This shinai bag was purchased from kendo shop, a Korean based business. This time since I had a choice, I decided to go with a traditional bag, because they looked really nice!

I don’t know how to tie a nice looking bow, so it just ends up like this. (^^;)

Flower pattens on the bottom…

On the back or front are the kanji characters Heijoushin.

Now all that is left to do is wash my keiko-gi, hamaka and tenugui. Iron the hakama. Sand and oil both of my shinai. So I will be ready for the upcoming seminar, grading and competition, which I don’t intend to lose. After all I did pay $130 to enter the competition. Wish me luck!

See you next time~