Seven Eleven’s AKB Atari Kuji セベンのAKB48当りくじ

Today I though I might post something about the AKB atari kuji that occur in seven eleven stores around Japan, starting from November 11th. (2011 for people in the future) I think it has already ended, but during this time, seven eleven were having some sort of lucky draw, where you could win AKB48 official Christmas goods. Each ticket was 500 yen, wow so cheap! The number you drew was matched up to the chart below and this would be your prize!! So take a look, the original image can be found here: (It took sometime to piece this image together, but all for the purpose of people in the future reading this.) By the time you have finished reading this the image should of already loaded, otherwise your internet is slow.

I had purchased the Mayu photo holder, which is quite neat! I needed something to store my namajashin (photo prints) in. As you know Japanese namajashin size is 3R a bit smaller that the average size. So there were not really much decent ones I could find in stores or online. When I saw this, I had to have it!!

ジゃジャン! Here it is! It comes with a plastic cover to protect it and keeps the photo holder from falling apart. Also it does have a nice smell~

Without the cover! gaho~

The front! why did I show the back first?

Namajashin’s storage space!! Let me count how many you can store… this shouldn’t take too long… … … … 1… 2… 3… multiply by… yes that is a whopping 168! lol.. My 12th grade programming teacher likes the word whopping so I added that in.

Next is Tomochin’s (板野友美) tenugui (hand towel), I also have Mayuyu’s one but…

As you can see this one is still in it’s original packaging with it’s number and everything. I will have show this one side at a time, because I don’t want to open it yet. Why? find out under the next picture.

You’ve have done quite well to get to this picture, so I might as well tell you. It’s the dust! My room is full of it, so opening it will contaminate it with so much dust! (@[email protected])

でわ、cha…cha.. (*^^*)

  • Hi, not sure it is too late to ask or not ^^. But where should I be able to find namajashin folder like this because I’m not living in Japan either ><. Thanks a lot!!!

    • Thanks for your comment! (^^)

      Unfortunately this was a promotional product so it’s not for sale. However your only bet now is to use yahoo auctions and search for 「akbフォトホルダー」 without the brackets of course.

      Also since you don’t live in Japan, you will need to use a proxy who will buy the item you want from the auction and sent it to you. This way you won’t have to worry about any language barriers, payment methods, etc.

      I can recommend 3 services:
      Shopping Mall Japan:
      Goody Japan:
      Japan Toys:

      They all charge some sort of fee so don’t be surprise if you have to pay at least double the price of the item.

      • So sorry for the very late reply, i’ve been so busy with uni recently!!
        And thanks a lot for such info. Yahoo auction is such a paradise but yeah so bad, they just wont provide international shipping.
        This is the first time I learned about the proxy thing. I’ve tried to order few from goody japan and waiting for their final invoice now. Will let you know how everything will go!!! Thanks again, my wota career now can be a bit easier (although i might end up spending more) I guess lol

        • That’s okay, I myself have also been very busy with uni. I am glad I could help though!

          However a wota career is a very dangerous one, so please be careful with your spending.

          But I would love to hear how it goes!