Sadako 貞子3D

Oh god I absolutely hate horror films. Well I wouldn’t say hate but dislike. I don’t mind the films that try to scare the actors but the ones that scare you arhhhhh. Anyway here I am typing in the middle of the night with the picture you see above. I feel like her hand is reaching out to my throat quite literally. So before I can continue I have to scroll down a bit so it is out of my sight.

Ah that is better. Sadako 3D has been madly advertise everywhere. The reason I am even considering watching this movie and like why I watch Keitai Kareshi is because my favorite someone is in it. My all time favorite actor Ai Hashimoto!!! Apparently she will be playing Sadako! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

I love all the movies she has been in. She is rather talented in playing odd roles and especially dark characters.

I have also heard that Satomi Ishihara will be playing a lead role in this movie. She is really pretty and a brilliant actor not as good a Ai-chan though hehe… I fell in love with her character in H2 which was a baseball drama, however in Tobo Bengoshi (a drama about a fugitive lawyer) she was kind of annoying.

With this highly anticipated horror movie, I don’t think I can’t watch it alone!

Sadako has a boyfriend?

Sadako’s pitch!

Lastly here is the official trailer!