Rena Matsui 1st. Photobook Kingyo 松井玲奈きんぎょファスト写真集

Here is Rena Matsui’s first photobook kingyo which means goldfish, it explains the front cover. I haven’t look at it much and it has been sitting in my room for well over a month, so it’s about time I took a look at it.

You must be thinking that I am a pervert and I like little girls and all those other things. Well… you are correct!! Ahhh… that was called a joke. Or it could be that I am covering up for myself by saying it is a joke. Anyway I don’t care if you believe me or not. I am just an average boy so of course I would be a little bit of a pervert. Or it could be that AKB made me that way. By the way Rena is older than me. (ToT) In Japan you would find stores that specialize in just selling photobooks. But around here and I bet in most countries, no such things exist!

Also I like photography and photobooks like this gives my eyes a lot of pleasure… What I mean by that is stories told only by pictures are amazing and they are like a form of art. I only take pictures for 2 reasons, I need to show someone something or there is something in this moment that catches my eyes. I don’t go shutter crazy like many people but sometimes I wish I could. What I like the most is setting up a composition and taking photos from different perspectives.

Continuing with the photobook, in the picture above is both the front and back of the photobook with the OBI still attached.

As a bonus this photobook came with a double sided Rena-chan poster!!

I think these both sides of the poster were taken from the photobook itself. (*o*) I wish it came with a namajashin instead of a poster.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the photobook. I’ve also included a link to download high quality scans of the book at the bottom of the post.

I hope none of these pictures are too ecchi for google. Google are scared of things like that, I don’t know why though? I will save the ecchi parts for you when you download them to your computer for some private viewing. Actually they aren’t ecchi at all??

Here is the download links to the high quality Rena-chan goodness as promised~

Download ダウンロード | Mediafire (200mb) Part 1 | Mediafire (75mb) Part 2