Phantasy Star Online 2 ファンタシースターオンライン2


Today we will be taking a look at the game Phantasy Star Online 2 or PSO2. The last time I talked about a game was back on Chiu’s figures, about a Haruhi game.

Now back on topic. I have started playing this game towards the end of last year. I can say it is pretty impressive! This game was developed by SEGA so we can expect nothing less. However, it is free to play! What?! Yes that’s right free to play! A brilliant Japanese fantasy MMORPG and it’s free to play, so what are you waiting for?


The character customization is so complex, with the ability to customise any aspect of your character. Currently there are 3 races to choose from Human, Newman, or Casts. Each races possess 3 classes, Hunter, Ranger, and Force. My character above is a female Newman ranger. Her name is Momotamai. If you are a Momokuro fan you will get it. Anyway why did Takeru choose to be a female character? Obviously because she is much cute! And Newman races have cute pointy elf like ears. I just love the outfit and weapons in this game!


Take a look at my awesome blaster rifle! Sorry, I mean it’s just called a blaster.


You can have up to 3 different weapons equip at a time. This is my favorite weapon the gun slasher I believe it is called. Not sure if that is correct, it is a bit difficult to interpret the katakana to english meaning.


Whenever I am in a pinch as you would say in Japanese. I will whip out my Alva launcher. This thing does massive damage, as well as knocking the enemies down giving you enough time to reload and repeat the process.


I bought a new outfit!


Let’s see some action. I left the spaceship to explore the forest.


Just showing off some of my weapons in action!




I didn’t know which one looked better, so just to be safe I put both of them in. (^o^)


You must be thinking.” Takeru you suck at this game!” Actually I am pretty good, for the purpose of taking screenshots I wasn’t focused on dodging enemies or killing them, but instead taking nice pictures!


They look so cute! This monster looks like a chicken.


Oh no monkeys!


Nearly got raped there.


If your going to kill something, you might as well do it with style!


More style.


Let’s look at what I really do in this game. I like to push people around. Quite literally. Just walk slowly against another player who is standing still and you can push them! Here I am looking at other player’s pin number at the atm machine.


Time for some trolling. Just get the highest place in the spaceship and…




Then take a rest next to someone who saw you. Doesn’t she sit like a good little girl.

I highly recommend this game. I think an english version will be released sometime this year. In the mean time why don’t you try out the Japanese version, it is bound to be better, plus there are tons of english guides and I have also heard there is an english patch floating around somewhere.

  • I’ll give it a try. An wait for the English version to come out. soon I hope. I played Phantasy Star on the PS2 some years ago. It was really good. I like the story line very much. Thank you for sharing. the information about Phantasy Star Online 2.

    • Thank you for you comment (^^)
      Yes I have also played Phantasy Star, but on the PSP. It was great. I know there is going to be a release for the PS Vita with some very nice features.

      Please try it out! One thing I forgot to mention is downloading this game can take quite some time.