Official Closing of Chiu’s Figures

Chiu’s Figures has been officially closed. It’s successor Kobayo will take over, as a result no content will be updated, or support will be given for broken links and/or images on Chiu’s Figures. For the remaining time that the domain has left, it will be used to redirect to However Chiu’s Figures will still be accessible via the url for a definite amount of time. So if you came across any content that you found belonging to Chiu’s Figures and have been taken to instead, don’t worry just replace the in the url

The reason I have decided to close Chiu’s Figures was not only because I am starting a new blog but, also because maintaining it was too difficult. Over the 2 year it has been around I have learn a lot on how wordpress works as well as maintaining a stable blog. When I first started on all you have to focus about is blogging while the rest is taken care for you. When you go solo much more is involved, but there are a lot of advantages and you will learn so much.

I hope everyone will come to enjoy my new blog.