NMB48 – オーマイガー! [Type-A]

As I been creating many post, I though that I might as well put this one up as well since it has been urging for a place on here. Why does all my CD’s receive a crack case from the post office? Anyway I can’t say this is their latest single? or can I? Last I check they haven’t released their new single yet, ufufufu… Recently I have started to really like NMB48, but it has also became another source of expenses. Now lets get started…

The image shown to your left is the standard OBI, don’t ask me what it stands for. It is basically like a little summary of the CD with all info shops would use, they are nice to keep, so don’t throw them away! The second item is the back of the lyric card, a.k.a the little booklet that comes with the cd, a.k.a the front cover.

The lyric card, for each of the songs. Great if you want to sing along! Get some practice using these before you go to karaoke, or you could find yourself in a dangerous situation.

OH MY GAAAAAA! At this point I should list the track list.

DVD containing all 3 PVs (promotional videos) as well as a bonus swimming battle! Make sure you have your DVD drive set to region 2!!

We do have to give some credit to the people who help made this.

Finally we have come to the back = end, so now you know what it looks like.

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