Negima! Live Action Music 魔法先生ネギま! ライブの曲

When I was working over at Chiu’s Figures (have to sound professional lol) my blog became known for it’s Negima content. Negima was also the kick starter for my first blog. Most of the content of that blog were really rare and hard to find songs. I eventually found it on a foreign site, god know what language it was in and the registration process took weeks!! However I finally managed to get in and obtain them. Now they are just sitting on Chiu’s Figures so I though why not move them to! So enjoy~

TV Drama Mahou Sensei Negima Character Song Album (ドラマ版 魔法先生ネギま! キャラクターソングアルバム)

Track List

  1. Be Yourself
  2. こころ、二重奏
  3. Baby Love?
  4. トモダチnote#
  5. シアワセサガシ
  6. Never Ever
  7. きっとドキッと!
  8. 世界に愛を咲かせましょ■
  9. Start!Start!Start!
  10. Starry
  11. 太陽と月のDestiny
  12.  Looooop!!!!!
  13. 僕たちのキズナ

Download ダウンロード | Mediafire (75.75mb)


TV Drama Mahou Sensei Negima – Yes! Baka Ranger! (Yes!バカレンジャー!)

Track List

  1. Yes! Baka Rangers!
  2. Ai no Shisha wa Itsutsu Hashi!
  3. Yes! Baka Rangers! (off vocal ver.)
  4. Ai no Shisha wa Itsutsu Hashi! (off vocal ver.)
  5. Yes! Baka Rangers! (TV ver.)
  6. Ai no Shisha wa Itsutsu Hashi! (TV ver.)

Download ダウンロード | Mediafire (26.3mb)


Prythme – Move On!

Track List

  1. Move On! (pRythem ver.)

Download ダウンロード | Mediafire (9.02mb)


TV Drama Mahou Sensei Negima – Tsuyokunaare (つよくなーれ)

Track List

  1. Tsuyoku Naare
  2. Pink Generation (Asuna, Konoka, Setsuna ver.)
  3. Tsuyoku Naare (off vocal ver.)

Download ダウンロード | Mediafire (39.58mb)

TV Drama Mahou Sensei Negima – Pink Generation Original Version by 3-A

Track List

  1. Pink Generation
  2. Pink_Generation_(off_vocal_ver.)

Download ダウンロード | Mediafire (14.18mb)


TV Drama Mahou Sensei Negima – Yuki no Aji! (ユウキノアジ!) pRythme Version

Track List

  1. Yuukinoaji!
  2. Pink Generation (pRythme ver.)
  3. Yuukinoaji! (off vorcal ver.)
  4. Pink Generation (pRythme off vocal ver.)

Download ダウンロード | Mediafire (20.33mb)


TV Drama Mahou Sensei Negima – Endless Sky

Track List

  1. Endless Sky
  2. Tsuyokunare!(A×K ver.)

Download ダウンロード | Mediafire (7.58mb)


pRythme 0 – First Mini Album

Track List

  1. kIzuna
  2. Move On!
  3. Get A LIFE
  4. Toomawari
  5. 1000% SPARKLING!
  6. Yuuki no Aiji!
  7. Koi no Uta

Download ダウンロード | Mediafire (80.53mb)

  • Paru

    Ah! It’s been so long since I’d seen these CDs! Thank you so much! I don’t suppose you know where I can find the Move On! single, the Ayaka-Chisame-Makie version, do you?

    • Thanks for your comment! ^^
      Sorry, unfortunately I don’t have that version. (^^;)

  • Zen

    i wonder why i cant play 31’s love while others are ok
    can someone help me i really want to hear the songs in 31 love

    • Either the file did not download properly and was corrupted in which you may have to re-download it. Or either you weren’t able to unrar it properly. I recommend using winrar or power archive for this task.

      If you are still having problems just post the problem here.

      • Zen

        tnx i just re download it

  • Zen

    do you have some new pic of haruki ichikawa and others i know it’s been five years since
    negima but i just want to know what they’re doing now

    • No sorry, unfortunately I don’t have any…

  • Zen

    do you have a version of yuki no aji sakina and mari version??

  • do you have a pictures of hiroko matsunaga? or whole of them?

    • Hi, thanks for your comment (^^)/~
      Unfortunantly I don’t have any pictures of Hiroko Matsunaga anymore. I lost them all a few years ago. Sorry about that.

    • hiroko pictures is rare now but i think she’s still
      active in her blog you can just collect it from there ^^

  • this maybe a little out of place but do you know what kind of illness made
    setsuna first actress quit ???

    • Sorry I haven’t got a clue【・_・?】

  • Paru

    I’d hate to ask about this so long after the post, but do you still have the Shibuya AX concert? I had it but my computer broke and I had to get a new one, so I’ve really been wanting to get a hold of it again.

  • sora

    Hi. I downloaded the file of the character songs but bc it is RAR I can’t open it. I’m suggested to use an app to open it since I’m using a Surface, but is there some other way? I was able to access endless sky fine when I downloaded it.

    • Hi Sora,
      I recommend this program, peazip

      after you install this you can open and extract the rar file(^o^)

      • sora

        Thank you for replying. I’ll give it a shot.