Namajashin 生写真

なう I will present all the namajashin, I have collected in 2011. But firstly what is namajashin??? Well it is a combination of 2 words which makes one word. Nama (生) on it’s own means raw or unprocessed, and shashin (写真) means photo, the sound changes to jashin when put together with nama. So namajashin is raw or unprocessed photo. I don’t know why it’s called namajashin, but just think of it like photo prints.

Where to get them? Originally they can come with photobooks, CDs, magazines, purchased at official stores and so on. A lot of people like to trade or sell them. They can be found on auction sites such as eBay and Yahoo Auctions Japan. Also they’re shops that specialize in the selling of namajashin such as [email protected]

As akb’s popularity rises the prices tend to increase and you might just find yourself in a bid war for your favorite member’s namajashin. Mayuyu is expensive, so although she is my oshi I can’t afford her… _| ̄|○

I’ve started to slow down on purchasing namajashin… it’s getting too expensive for me. I think all of these somehow cost over $200!!

Some random members >.>

Acquiring the photo that Mayu took with her phone was a unique experience for me. Kinda like something you would see in an anime. I was reading through her photobook, well gazing though it, and suddenly a pink envelope fell on the ground. It was like a love letter かな.

Set of 5 Mayu potraits… ケケケ

I am so proud of myself for purchasing these Sakina Kuwae namajashin! These are so rare!!! and gah… it has even got signed, I don’t know how many times that I have uploaded them to the internet. I actually bought them from Yahoo Auctions, somehow I was so lucky to find them listed on yahoo auctions, I just happen to search for Sakina Kuwae randomly. The only thing you can find now is probably Chu-boh magazine.

Also I am very happy to have AKB ga Ippai Mayuyu!! Apart from that, spending a lot of money is nothing to be proud of.

Here are some Erina Mano namajashin heeeeee. I have no conclusion bye bye~

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