Monster Hunter Airou Wallet モンスターハンターのアイルー財布

After I have been using a wallet for sometime without a coin compartment, I found it very difficult to carry coins. At that time I could only carry 4 cards, but that was enough at the time. I then upgraded my wallet and it could carry coins! (^O^) but it was so cheap that it broke within a year. So finally I have decided on this Super Cute Airou wallet. I think the romaji for Airou is completely wrong because it is written like アイルー which is Airuu.

The packaging is… so awesome! I have never had a wallet that came pack like this before.

Kyaaaaa~ it is sooooo cute!! Uhem. I’ve got to be manly, so I am listening to Omoide wa Okkusenman, a very manly song.  Anyway~ the outer part of the wallet is plastic, some kind of high quality plastic! I can feel and smell the quality. Oh~ it smells so good. Unfortunately I don’t have the technology to save and upload the smell just yet.

What a great idea! If anyone ask, what’s on your wallet? just show them the back.

The place where one will usually store his/her cards.

Airou’s signature and Capcom’s trademark???

A place to store silica gel and foam.

I bought this from Otacute and knowing them, they always love to throw in an Omake and I love Omake! This is a paper/plastic stationary holder with a calendar printed on it.

Instructions on how to put it together, although it’s pretty simple.

JyaJyan! Looks perfect doesn’t it! (minus the little imperfection at the top.)

More calendars! I have so many, so no excuses for not knowing the date.

  • Haha this is so cute!
    I know someone who would love this kind of thing XD
    The free little calendars pretty nice too!

    • Yeah so cute! isn’t it. (=^^=)