Momoiro Clover Z Calendar ももいろクローバーZ日めくりカレンダー (2013)


Please forgive me for the terrible photo correction job (^^;)

Just recived Momoiro Clover Z’s Himeguri Calendar 2013! So exciting!


Inside is a calendar and one 生写真! (namajashin a.k.a photograph) Wow I wasn’t expecting that! No actually I was. Sorry for lying… m(_ _;;m I was hoping to get Momoka or Kanako since they are my favorite members but I also love Reni, Shiorin and A-rin very much!! ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ


It opens so nicely reveling Shiori Tamai, ufufufu Atari! I remember always getting AKB photographs and the members are always someone I don’t know. It’s really disappointing sometimes… (;_・) but you can never go wrong with momokuro right?


Let’s take a closer look at Tamai-san.


I really like Momoka’s drawings. Actually most of the drawings are Momoka’s. Her pictures are funny. I can’t show all 356 pages so here are some at a glance.


Crap! Since I received this calendar 6 days late I have some catching up to do. *rip* *rip* *rip* (<– I think that is how you do it?)



Ha ha ha Tamai-san tells you to eat an apple on this day, I need to get prepared! (By the way, I really like calling Shiorin, Tamai-san for some reason?)


お前バカなのか? Apparently this phrase is what their chubby manager always tells them. According to one TV show I watched. Incase you don’t know the meaning, it means “ARE YOU STUPID?!” basically. The pronunciation is as follows, omae baka na no ka? please use it a lot with your friends! heehe


I don’t understand this love hate relationship with their manager?


Surely you will gain a lot of strength each day from these words!





A-rin is such a good daughter, she loves her mother so much!


I needed to buy something $3 or more to get free shipping, so I choose this. Z Densetsu  ~Owarinaki Kakumei~


It only came with 1 song. \(>o<)ノ


I wonder how many people still use calendars, since now days everyone has phones and computers which render calendars redundant, only to make our walls pretty. But I do have to admit it comes in very handy since I am already losing track of each day.  (;*△*;)