Mad Catz Saitek Cyborg R.A.T 7


The RAT7 was released about 4 years ago from now, and is still expensive as ever! I believed it to still be to most customizable mouse ever created. I am just a casual games, and happened to be in the market for a new mouse, it’s about time to get rid of the el cheapos, haha I just wanted to use that word. Cheap mouses get the job done and you never have any problems with them. Except when you move to a mouse that had changeable dpi, whoa! The mouse moves too fast! But later on you’ll get use to the speed, and the el cheapos can’t compare.


The packaging is very nicely done. However I am a bit upset that the Australian version does not come with a case to hold all you interchangeable parts. It also does not come with a cartridge to hold the extra weights, unlike the US version.




Opening the flap on the front reveals all the customization options, we’ll take a look at that a bit later.


The box is covered with a sleeve, and out falls your warranty card (and yes it does fall!).


Straight away we reach the main! Padded in extra foamy goodness!


It is a very nice looking mouse. Contains an nice aluminum chases, the point of quality! All the black parts are rubberized, whatever that means. It seems like every review uses that word, so I will too. But there are 2 good points of the rubberization. One it does not leave finger prints, and two, when your palms sweat the mouse absorbs it!! (Haha うそだぴょん your hands just won’t slip)


Underneath the mouse is where all the interchangeable parts are stored. 2 different grips, one with a different texture, another with an elevated palm. Also 2 pinky rest, again another with a different texture, and the other with an actual resting place, because you pinky also gets tired.


Underneath all that is a guide book, I think…


Does all these options really mean I can have my ideal mouse? That is what you would think, but it is not entirely true. I found it to be the world most uncomfortable mouse with its weird shape, and uncomfortable handling. It took several days of uses and tweaking to finally feel comfortable with it.


The red button, instantly lowers your dpi, allowing for those steady sniper shots. However it can also be re-programmed, to tasks such as ejecting you from the game if your almost losing.


The scroll wheel is ultra smooth, just below is the dpi change button. Featuring 4 levels of insanity!!!


The metal rod at the back can be removed, to become an allen key. It is also weights 10g.


Apart from the pinky and palm rest, the length of the palm may be adjusted. The thumb rest may move out as desired. And the weights may be removed.


The laser is position right in the center!

It feels so good, however I still can’t play counter strike, with the same accuracy I once had. Looks like I am going to have to retire from the force…