Lotte pop’n bubble


Lotte’s latest collaboration with Momoclo created a new product called pop’n bubble. You’ve probably heard of it. Essentially it is just bubble gum.

I bought as much as I could get my hands on, which wasn’t very much (=.=)


There are 2 different flavors… well I only bought 2 different flavours. You can get the gum in bottle form as well which apparently has more flavors, coloured to match the each of the member’s colour. I am not good at describing tastes, but I think the red one is strawberry and the white one is apple.


However when you combine them, it becomes a peach flavor. That’s pretty cleaver! If you didn’t know Momo means peach in Japanese, it is also an old word for pink.


They come in cube form. 10 of them in 1 pack.


If your wondering what that blue thing is, it is actually like a sticky note except you spit your gum in the paper. Also another very cleaver idea!



Buy yours now!


I also collected all the mirror cards! やばい! Check before your date, and after you eat!


Why are they called mirror cards? Because there are mirrors on the back!