【SEGA】 Kobato Hasegawa Figure 羽瀬川小鳩のフィギュア


I saw a really cheap Kobato figure for sale at HLJ, and I just had to get it!  You know how I am with cute things. By the way today’s weather was perfect for taking photos outside!

Initially I wanted to purchase a Stitch (Disney) Kiki Ippatsu, so I made a special request. I then saw Kobato so I might as well take her. Months later, 3 months to be exact, the kiki ippatsu game could not be obtained and Kobato arrived at my door.


This Kobato figure was manufactured by SEGA, which explains why the attention to detail is so detailed… For a cheap figure. Price was 880円


Now a little bit about Kobato, I have to be careful not to say ‘Kobayo’ by mistake. She is from the anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (僕は友達が少ない) which translates to ‘I have few friends’. Kobato is the protagonist’s little sister. She is super cute, I just had to mention that. Almost all the time she is cosplaying as her favorite anime character, which by the way is a vampire.


Here we go for a close up shot! That sunlight makes her look more awesome that she is in real life.


Even her doll is included! Sorry no pantie shot, shes under 18, and also I’ve graduated for being a pervert. Or have I… it’s white if you wanted to know >.>


Lastly, a detachable base comes with her. Mounting by 2 points which stick inside the hole (sole/soul) of her shoes.


Well look likes this one is going on my desk at work!

I haven’t done a figure review for such a long time! I have 2 more figures and another 1 on it’s way. I don’t know if I will get to them though. Sorry for the long absents, seems likes I am averaging about 1 post a month. I been super busy and getting even busier. Just though I mention that I’m finally going to Japan and the end of this year, and will be documenting everyday. Please look forward to it!