Keitai Kanojo 携帯彼女

携帯彼氏...してる?/Keitai Kareshi… shiteru?/ Do you know Mobile Boyfriend? (XD sounds weird) Well you should if you read my post on it here.

I never would of thought they would make Keitai Kanojo, even though at the end of Keitai Kareshi they gave a hint which I did not think too much about of at the time. Released on the 6th of April 2011, wow so recent! Anyway this time there is no Super Kawaii Umika or Sakina. (that appeared twice in Keitai Kareshi aww…) The star in this movie is Airi Suzuki (鈴木愛理) from C-ute. Shes a great actress, although her role is a bit mysterious towards the end.

Its… Its a ghost!

The girl above, she can be a bit creepy, but so cute. Anyway this movie is a bit different from Keitai Kareshi, since

  1. She’s a girl ( ゚ Д゚)
  2. People don’t just die, they kill others before dying which is new, but the rest of the time they just die. ( ゚ Д゚)
  3. Only one girlfriend in the game ( ゚ Д゚)

What are you looking at? 何を見ているの?

The story is alright, I won’t ruin it but basically its a about a man who is about to get married but, his sister (pictured above) loves her brother so much that she didn’t want the girl he was going to marry take him away! So she tries to kill… umm… scare her away, but she was unsuccessful. Suddenly she goes missing and starts to appear in people phone as the game Keitai Kanojo. Her brother who found out about this, is desperately still searching for her and met Airi (first pic) by chance who just happened to see his sister. (She keeps staring at me when I type arhhh!)

Oh she wants you! わっあ...彼女はお前がほしい!

Be sure to check this movie out and watch the trailer below!

ねぇ...ねぇぇ...この曲が好き? Did you like that song?

I have a made a rip of it from the movie’s credit (^^;) if you like you can download it below.


Download ダウンロード | Mediafire (3.68mb)