I love Momoiro Clover Z! ももクロが大好き‼

I suddenly realized how much I love Momoiro Clover Z! I first heard about them from Ninobaby’s blog a little over a year ago. After that I magically obtain all their songs to see what they were like. Also during this time I stamped the contracted between me and the AKB demon. So I kind of forgot about them; (^^;;) that was until their first album was released and gain a bit of popularity in my top 25 playlist for sometime. Which cause me to watch some of their live concerts.

I can’t remember what happened after that but AKB must hit my head really hard. So recently, well… about a month ago I started watching more of their concerts on youtube but it wasn’t the whole concert just segments of the concert of them performing their songs, which by the way is so awesome!! Anyway I decided to (magically) obtain their Summer Dive and Christmas in Saitama Super Arena concerts.

Both of the concerts were so amazing because every moment was breathtaking! They are not your average idol is all I can say hehe. It’s impossible to take clear screenshots of their concerts because of their hyper energy. I kind of gave up so take a look over here for some screenshots of their concert in Saitama Super Arena.

After enjoying their concerts so much, I went and watched tons of TV shows which they were in, and it is the best way to learn their names and faces. I did the same thing with AKB. I don’t try to learn their names, I just like to see what they really are like in TV shows which are always fun and suddenly you know all their names. I know amazing right?

Well after taking a liking to an idol group other than AKB, I must have a favorite member right? Well yes and no. I love all the girls except Akari because I don’t know her and she wasn’t part of the group when I started to like them. I can’t really decided on my favorite member but if I had to say I would probably be Kanako!

On a side note, Momoka is the cutest aaahhhh fbjlak she is more than cute, beyond cuteness! I love how they just randomly started performing a magic show in the middle of their song.

In these past 3 weeks I have been listening to nothing but Momoiro Clover Z songs. Compared with AKB… they are un-comparable. The difference is that I love all of Momokuro’s songs and just a select few of AKB’s songs. To be honest I haven’t even listen to all of AKB’s songs. I won’t regret saying that I love them more than AKB but it doesn’t mean I don’t like AKB, I am still loyal to Mayu. (◕‿◕✿)

That is all from us, idols you can meet now, weekend heroin Momoiro Clover Z!

  • Zen

    your a sakina and momoka fans aren’t you
    im also their fan dont know i just like them maybe because their both tiny

    • Maybe that could be the reason why….

      • Zen

        aren’t they’re both from POWER AGE?

        • Power Age doesn’t exist anymore. Momoka is under Stardust. Where she is the dust apparently lol. I am not sure about Sakina though, I think she might not be under any talent agency anymore.

          • Zen

            my father own clubs and theater maybe i can recommend sakina
            but its a low chance i’ll try to contact him wish me luck

          • Well all the best haha…

  • zen

    i will love momoiro clover more if miyu and yukina didn’t quit T_T

    • Hmm… but they are not strange enough. xD

      • zen

        the reason i discovered momoiro is because of those two T_T but they
        just last months and quit, and sakina is the reason i discovered momoka
        but current momoiro is good so im still their fan, i watch ex-momoclo festival
        they say miyu is the most mysterious one ^_^

        • really? it’s very rare to find momoclo before they debut or maybe I haven’t been trying hard enough XD. I think I did watch a video before they debut, with Miyu still present and they were performing on the streets.

          • zen

            i also watch those video momoiro is awesome starting from
            street to seibu dome anyway you can search the video in youtube
            ex-momoclo festival the part 4 in eng sub is missing thought

          • Thank you very much for that information. I will take a look at them after my exams are over^^