Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger 非公認戦隊アキバレンジャー


A few months ago I watched a drama called ‘Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger’ where ‘hikounin’ translate to unofficial. It is one of those drama that you love so much and just want more of. Just like the live action negima drama. It is basically a sentai with comedy, would be my best description of it. With many references to other sentai series such as Gikiranger which I happened to watch. Ufufu… I only watched the episodes with Sakina in them (^^;) however that gave me pretty much a grasped of the whole series so I could get all the references to it. Like it were the episodes that mattered, like it should! Also various other references are made to the otaku culture. I am sure it would be a much enjoyable drama for anyone with understanding of otaku culture and even more love by true sentai fans.


The chosen hero’s are Nobuo Akagi (Masato Wada) as Akiba Red, Mitsuki Aoyagi (Kyoko Hinami) as Akiba Blue and Yumeria Moegi (Karin Ogino) as Akiba Yellow.


Their manager is the beautiful Hiroyo Hakase (Maaya Uchida) who is also later found out to be the secret identity for the voice actor Aoi Ichikawa of Nijiyome Gakuen Z-Cune Aoi (にじよめ学園 ズキューーン葵) a fictional anime. The strange part about her is her voice. The sexy doctor voice she uses in the drama sounds like what you would have thought as her normal voice, but in fact the voice she used to voice Aoi-tan is her everyday voice. She has an anime voice 24/7!


Lastly, as in every sentai there is always a female villan. In this story it is Malseena played by Honoka just an everyday retired AV actress.


Advertising the release of the MMZ-001 Moe Moe Z-Cune at their live concert

One of the things I loved about this drama is their henshin (transformation) device which is a figure of Aoi Ichikawa.


I am defiantly getting one!! Apart from allowing the Akibarangers to transform she also acts as a communicator.


It can also transform into a gun.


Their vehicle is named ‘Machine Itasha’ a Toyoto Prius with Aoi-tan’s Itasha all over it. Man I am actually looking to purchase a car, I wanted the Honda CRZ however that is $10k more than I could afford so the next best thing is.


Yeah a Toyota Prius, it looks like an awesome car plus I want Aoi Itasha all over my car!



It transforms into a cool robot.

Another awesome aspect of the drama is the songs! The OP Akibaranger is sang by Haruko Momoi feat. Yukio Yamagata and she also sings the Machine Itasha theme song which is one of my favorites. The ED is sang by Masato Wada, and Heroic lily the OP for Nijiyome Gakuen sang by none other than Maaya Uchida. All which are brilliant songs.


You know how I stated in the beginning that it is one of those drama’s you just want more of apart from all the merchandise, I also just have to have these official jackets the were used in the show, well the not used one but you know what I mean. (^-^)

Because you’ve read this far I expect you to watch it and listen to all the music, if you don’t then when I die, that is if I die before you and might I add I am quite young! I will return as a spirit and take over your body forcing you to sit through all 13 episodes and listen to all 12 minutes and 58 seconds of the songs. I am so nice tehe.

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