Guilty Crown ギルティクラウン

It’s anime time! So about 2 weeks ago I started watching Guilty Crown. I only decided to watch it after listening to it’s epic soundtrack! Little did I know the OP was My Dearest by Supercell. I am kind of a fan of Supercell, I just love Nagi’s voice, except this time Nagi isn’t the singer because she was just a guest singer. Instead a 15 year old girl who goes by the name Koeda was the singer in that song.

While I am on the topic of OPs, the second OP is named “The Ever Lasting Guilty Crown” by EGOIST a fictional music group where the only member known is Inori Yuzuriha (楪 いのり) the vocalist for EGOIST and one of the main characters in Guilty Crown. Anyway it’s supercell who perform it real life.

One of the insert songs in the anime is “Euterpe”, another brilliant song sang by Chelly a 17 year old girl, who is also another vocalist for supercell.

Did I also mention the soundtrack was awesome? (^^) Another thing to mention is that I completed this anime within 2 nights, it makes those people who watch 1 episode of an anime per night look like they have a life.

Before I continue any further lets just take a look at a few screen shots. Now I know what you’re thinking but It’s not what you think it is. The screen shot you see here is Inori’s chest or mune if you like your Japanese terms. At this point she says to Shu, (the main character and a high school boy) “集、お願い、私を使って”. Which translates to Shu, Please use me. Ah… the anime world is a wonderful world.

Shu was so happy, you can see it in his eyes. He became a man!

Well according to the girls, it only hurts the first time. Later on Shu starts testing his new powers on other girls. (i.e. touching their chest)

Inori has a pretty powerful void. What is a void, you ask? Well it’s been 2 weeks, so I have forgotten most of the anime already… (^^;) However apparently it is the shape of people’s heart. That’s the basic explanation though.

Instead of typing up my own plot I might as well just get it from wikipedia or something. It much better than what I can write.

On Christmas Eve, 2029, the unidentified “Apocalypse Virus” spreads and plunges Japan into a state of emergency in a chaos known as the “Lost Christmas” incident. An international organization known as the GHQ intervenes with martial law and restores order to Japan at the cost of its independence.

Ten years later in 2039, Shu Ouma, a 17-year-old high school student who keeps to himself in school, meets Inori Yuzuriha, the lead singer for Egoist,while visiting one of his favorite places on his way home from school. Shu is a big fan of Inori, a singer who has taken the Internet world by storm. However, he also discovers the other side of her, which is that she is a member of “Undertakers”, a resistance group that aims to liberate Japan from the GHQ. Shu starts taking part in the actions of “Undertaker-(funeral parlor)” and the “king’s mark” appears on his right hand after the Void Genome in his pocket was shot by a GHQ Endlave. This “mark” bestows on him the power to reach inside another person’s heart and extract and materialize a weapon or item from it.The anime tells the story of Shu’s reluctant involvement with the Undertakers and the hardship involving the battles they fight and the lost truth of Shu’s past.


Guilty crown’s story starts of with many mysteries, I guess that is what lures people in. I got lured in just because of their costumes and the fact that Shu gets to touch several high school girl’s chest. Haha I am just joking. I said so at the start, I was lured in because of the music and following that is the mysterious storylines. You don’t know who is the bad guy or who is the good guy and when you just settled on who is what and what is who, they change roles! щ(゜ロ゜щ)

Personally I love this anime, except the part near the end. I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t seen it so don’t worry. I highly recommend to check this anime out!! along with it’s official soundtrack!!

Once you done that, let me know what you think about this anime. Until then~ \( ̄O ̄)

  • Guilty crown seems cool!
    but it’s still on my download list 😀
    Long time no see you Take-kun~

    Since you like Japaneese, you can start with listenning to their japaneese album, and then to korea album 🙂
    on their japaneese album, usually I listen to
    -How Gee and Everything (both of them sung in English)
    -Gara Gara Go
    -My Heaven
    -Top of the world
    -Somebody to love
    -Koe o kikasete
    -Tell me goodbye
    -Hands up

    yeup =3 those are usually what I listen from their Japaneese Album 😀