Do you remember Saki-nyan? さきにゃん覚えている

Sakina Kuwae (桑江咲菜) or now known as Saki Asakura (朝倉咲) has emerge in early march this year! Like many of you I have been following her blog before it was removed, here is a quote from one of my post early this year.

Last year I have no idea what happened… but her blog was remove, which I religious read and comment on (she never replies _| ̄|○ )

The reason being the idol group known as P-A (Power Age) had disbanded (for some unknown reason) so they no longer existed and thus resulted in the removal of their blogs.

I still remember her from her childhood days as Natsume from Gekiranger. You see her awesome dancing skills in this episode!

She seems so mature, even though we are the same age (^q^) I am still like a kid.

Who can forget the loli-vampire! Evangeline from the negima live action drama which kick started this blog.

I was here biggest fan! It was really sad that no one knows her… Living in a small city, everyone soon started to uncover my Sakina obsession. I even went to gather all the merchandise I could find of her.

I bought 3 packets of negima trading cards and lucky enough, Sakina was among them, it would be nice if I could get one with her in casual clothes. (^^;)

Purchased this one from, even though Chu-Boh isn’t my thing! Honestly!! (@[email protected]) Would I deceive you?

Finally my most prized possession, yes that picture in the lower left hand corner is signed by Sakina herself in Tokyo something, not sure what it’s called, but she was with other P-A members and Momoiro was also there.

Anyway moving on, her is the link to her new blog, she doesn’t get much comments, but more than me of course lol. OTZ

When I accidently found out about this, thanks to lusciousidolicious who in my personal opinion is a bit weird, I mean really weird! I hope he doesn’t read this. Ah yes when I found about this I was so happy and started commenting on her blog like in the old days, where she doesn’t reply.

Here is my comment, I am not going to tell you what I said because its weird but it got approved, so she must of read it right?

She received this kitty from her mother as a birthday present, he/she is sooo cute, I love cats so much!

According to my profiling she likes donuts O_o

As you can see she wears makeup now, I think she looks better without makeup. I don’t know why I don’t like makeup, should I like makeup??

Well that concludes this post, my holidays are almost over so it might be a while till my next post, but I will try and re-post some of my hard work from Chiu’s Figures. Until then bye bye (^o^)//~~~

Update 20/01/2013: Apparently she changed her name back to Sakina Kuwae.

Update 01/06/2013: Sakina has signed up with JJ Promotion and now has a new blog, under her former name Sakina Kuwae! Her new blog has the header from her previous blog, all pixelated. Anyway here is the link to the pixels. She is also going to be participating it the new season of Akibarangers, playing Akina Maihama. No not Bakarangers… Thanks for the tip Mr.Krv!

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  • Zen

    i also dont like make up i like the simple one
    i like her when he acts as evangeline in negima Live Action she portrayed 1 of my favorite

    • I am glad someone understands! Shes also one of my favorites in negima!

      • Zen

        she’s one of the few who did great in live action since the other didn’t
        really look like the one in manga but there’s other who do their best like Kaede
        my favorite is Ami Ohse(Yue Ayase)Yuna Arai(Kaede)Chisame actress i forget her real name and of cource Sakina(Eva) do you have some news
        about yuna arai and nodoka actress i cant find any news about them
        i’ll be glad if they have blog

        • I don’t really know much about them, except that Miyu Wagawa (play’s Nodoka) was a former member of Momoiro Clover.

          • Zen

            too bad i guess i really want some news about them

  • Zen

    she sure change but she’s not the only one who change since Ami Ohse(Yue Ayase)in negima change a lot if i could just stop or reverse back the time

    • Everyone changes right? I wonder what Ami Ohse is up to these days…

      • Zen

        yup even though she change she’s till saki
        well i like his hairstyle when she’s acting as eva in negima (<– ami ohse blog oh yeah tnx to you i manage to find saki blog

      • Zen

        yup even though she change she still saki i always watch negima behind the scene she’s adorable if you want Ami Ohse blog i can give it to you
        i also like her look when she’s acting as eva in negima even though others
        say she doesn’t really look like eva she act like eva and she cute like eva-

        • According to her profile on ameba blog she is 143cm tall. No I am not Japanese.

          • Zen

            she didn’t really grow taller i guess – _ – so its just her face who mature
            but not her height XD

          • Ahaha that’s true

  • Zen

    i wonder why almost every girl in the world like make-up come on they’re cute in they’re own unique way relying on make up is not good at all of course that also apply to saki-chan
    i mean she’s too cute to wear make up -_-
    well you can say i cant understand girls heart at all XD

    i feel sorry for ku fei actress some heartless bastards say she’s transexual
    come on how can they say it kufei actress is not as cute as other but its wrong to say
    something like that to someone it will just hurt her if she read it

    • This is the first time I heard that about Kufei’s actress. She’s cute in her own way I guess. I just don’t understand why people would harass her… ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

      • Zen

        oh god someone understand me

  • Zen

    is there any new project sakina involve?

    • nothing major that I know of…

      • Zen

        im ok with anything if sakina is involve

        • She just does live theater performances, every so often. She always invites people to come on her blog.

          • Zen

            T_T bad luck i dont live in japan

  • Your welcome and thanks for the link to Ami Ohse’s blog! Wow she looks so different!!

  • Seigi

    i check lusciousidolicious its really weird the owner of the blog not just perv

    but also a bastard he doesnt even care about his reader(i read the other reader comments)

    why would you make a blog when dont even care about your reader opinion

    i have an urge to punch that bastard right now

    • Haha yep his definantly a pervert! Well I don’t personally know the owner so I can’t say much about him. Maybe its best if we keep our distance from him. Ψ( ̄(エ) ̄)Ψ

      • Seigi

        by the way is it true that ono is sakina relative i heard it from lusciousidolicious

        he say ono mother is sakina mother cousin

        • Umm… which Ono are you refering to? It’s quite a common Japanese surname. (^^;) However I don’t know of any Ono related to Sakina. She has a little brother though.

  • I read through the forum, honestly speaking he sounds like some sort of fanboy.

    • Zen

      i didn’t believe him first to but he let me see some pic of sakina and ono

      with him i think it’s around 2008 i dont remember since its old

      he even gave me sakina picture in kimono >_<

      • Well it still seems odd to me.
        Here is Sakina’s graduation photo hehee. (^q^)

        • Pukovnik Krv

          I am incredibly slow to reply to this, but it seems that Seigi lacks comprehension of British humour. I’m not rude to people who comment on my blog, I’m merely sarcastic. Perhaps that doesn’t translate on the internet. Anyway, regarding Silverback683, he once started another forum with windy-day and admitted on there that he had nothing to do with Sakina and was only doing that on AQS to make himself look better. I never asked about Erepyon though, as I didn’t get into AKB until 2009 and I’d finished up at AQS around then as we stopped scanlating Negima and Haruka was slow as hell.

          • Yes you are slow lol. Same with me, I always like to make jokes, crap I could be insulting other ppl without knowing!?

            Thanks for clearing that up, didn’t sound right in the first place. Quite creepy if you asked me. (From a Sakina point of view, also mine but you don’t care about that (^^*))

          • Pukovnik Krv

            I agree that Silverback is pretty creepy. He always was, going around with his gorilla shtick or whatever it was. All in all it was probably harmless though, I doubt Sakina got wind of it and probably wouldn’t care anyway, she’s a pro and fans do weird things sometimes. Besides, Silverback was always Miyuu-oshi, most of his creepiness was reserved for her.

          • Ahahaha…. yeah I guess you’re right!

  • Pukovnik Krv

    Update time yo. Sakina signed to JJ Promotion: and got a new blog: and will appear in the new series of Akiba Ranger: as Maihama Akina.

    • Thanks for the update!! Ahahaha for a second there, I though you said a new series of “Baka Ranger”!

      Wow Akiba Ranger, I’ve been putting of the second season till my exams are over. (T▽T)

    • By the way, I notice you have an domain. Are you from Australia?

      • Pukovnik Krv

        Nope, British. I think blogspot attaches whatever domain suffix the viewer is in to the blog, rather than the one the blogger is in. Not sure why.

        • Ah makes sence, I suppose blogspot is using a CDN so your website will load quicker.