Bad Apple!!


I really love this dance! I think they did the best job. I will also try to learn when I have time. Well I haven’t posted something anime related in a while, so here is something for touhou fans. Below is a Bad Apple screensaver, when I tried it out it worked so well, I was amazed that anything worked these days. So I created a guide to installing this simple screensaver on the windows OS.


Its the best screensavers I have seen, although I never use screensavers, so its the only one I used…

You can download it here.


To install for Windows 7/Vista

1. extract the folder to C:\Windows

2. go into the extracted folder ‘BadAppleScreensaver’

3. right click BadApple!!.scr and click install

4. Click on Settings

5. click the button highlighted in the picture to browse for the .mp3 which should be located in the folder you extracted to C:\Windows

6. Your done!! Enjoy!!

As for earlier versions of windows instead of extracting to C:\Windows, extract to C:\Windows\System32. Other OS I have no idea.


Some other videos you might want to check out!

This one is an English version!! and its not bad although I still prefer the original.


And the original version with English subtitles.


Lastly a stop motion animation showing each individual frame of the bad apple animation. This one is from nico nico douga so please be patience as it takes sometime to load. Note if you are new to nico nico you can turn of the comment by clicking the speech bubble button next to the volume button.