Away for a while

I though I might update everyone (including myself) on what has been happening lately. Although I have reached my goal of at least 4 post per month which was kind of accidental. I haven’t been posting regularly right? So basically I have been studying for exams for the past 3 weeks! Such a long time! I had finished my last exam yesterday morning. So now I am on holidays~ yay!!

Remember my Canon 60D which I bough last year? All the pictures on this blog were taken by this monster! However you should be expecting lower quality photos in the future because I have decided to sell it. The reason for this is so I can buy the components for my new PC. When I first started out blogging I didn’t have a camera and would have to use my 2.0 megapixel phone. Sometimes I would borrow my sisters video camera because it could take excellent 4.0 megapixel photos.Then I had received an iPhone capable of taking 5.0 megapixel photographs. Before making the decision of getting the Canon 60D equipped with a massive 18 megapixel which is overkill for my needs. So from now on I will be using my iPhone temporarily until I obtain a new camera. The Nikon J1. Oh and don’t worry I will be filling in the details for my new PC. I did write ‘building computers’ under my list of hobbies.

Also the details for the promised giveaway is still on hold but should be held within the next 3-4 weeks stay clean. Until then bye~ (^.^)//