AKB48 2012 Senbatsu Election 27thシングル選抜総選挙

Sadly again I was unable to vote this year again. However I did sat and watch the whole 4 hours of the election with the exception of 2 toilet breaks in amazing 360p quality. In case you didn’t know, this was broadcasted live on Youtube/Google+ in both Japanese and English. Yes in English as well! AKB is certainly becoming more like a international group. The English version has real-time dubbing, it’s not always perfect but, of course it would be difficult to translate an unscripted show while trying to keep up.

If you kept up with the election you might have notice that the graph they introduced allows you to see people cheering on each moment of the event. It was a great idea however, it wasn’t functioning properly for most of the event. Secondly for me the video of the English version stopped working for some reason and also the AKB48 Google+ website went down. However I switched to the Japanese version to make sure that I didn’t miss out on the intense action! They both were back up during the last quarter of the election.

The results for the election were kept confidential with high security. In the beginning you see a man from the company spiral their job was to count the votes, he walked on the stage accompanied by 2 security guards! The briefcase containing the votes were handcuffed to him. I wondered who had the key? They didn’t show him taking of the handcuffs, so I don’t know?

The content of the case reviled precious and confidential results to be announced.

Yay Mayu came in 2nd place, almost number one. I think she has been becoming more and more popular and loved by so many people. Everyone knew who was taking 1st place, no one other than Atsuko Maeda!

Last year Acchan came in first place as well. Haha… I am kidding. Yuko Oshima is the winner obviously since Atsuko is going to graduate and she choose not to participate. Also AKB complies with the LAW haha… I laugh when I heard that. Girls under the age of 18 are not allowed to work past 9pm so most of the girls had to leave. Mayu turned 18 this year so she didn’t have to leave although she was sitting alone. (^o^)

I have to be honest. I cried when I saw Acchan (T.T) So that wraps it up for this year 27th single senbatsu election. I am sure more people will go through a boring in-depth review, I am just covering weird bits… since I was told, I couldn’t call myself an AKB fan anymore. Just because I didn’t vote~ (><) These elections are full of emotions I laugh and cried with or without them. (─‿‿─)

Lets end this with the election results.

1. Oshima Yuko – AKB48 Team K– 108837 Votes

2. Watanabe Mayu – AKB48 Team B– 75574 Votes
3. Kashiwagi Yuki – AKB48 Team B– 71076 Votes
4. Sashihara Rino – AKB48 Team A– 67339 Votes
5. Shinoda Mariko – AKB48 Team A– 67017 Votes
6. Takahashi Minami – AKB48 Team A– 65480 Votes
7. Kojima Haruna – AKB48 Team A– 54483 Votes
8. Itano Tomomi – AKB48 Team K– 50483 Votes
9. Matsui Jurina – SKE48 Team S(AKB48 Team K) – 45747 Votes
10. Matsui Rena – SKE48 Team S– 42030 Votes
11. Miyazawa Sae – AKB48 Team K– 40261 Votes
12. Kasai Tomomi – AKB48 Team B–27005 Votes
13. Kitahara Rie – AKB48 Team B– 26531 Votes
14. Minegishi Minami – AKB48 Team K– 26038 Votes
15. Yokoyama Yui – AKB48 Team K– 25541Votes
16. Umeda Ayaka – AKB48 Team K– 24522Votes

<Under Girls>
17. Takajo Aki -AKB48 Team A– 23083Votes
18. Yamamoto Sayaka – NMB48 Team N–23020 Votes
19. Watanabe Miyuki– NMB48 Team N(AKB48 Team B) –19159 Votes
20. Akimoto Sayaka – AKB48 Team K– 19121 Votes
21. Sato Amina – AKB48 Team B- 17009 Votes
22. Kuramochi Asuka – AKB48 Team A– 14852 Votes
23. Shimazaki Haruka – AKB48 Team 4– 14633 Votes
24. Takayanagi Akane – SKE48 Team K Ⅱ–14111 Votes
25. Hata Sawako – SKE48 Team K Ⅱ– 13920 Votes
26. Masuda Yuka – AKB48 Team B– 13166 Votes
27. Oya Masana – SKE48 Team S– 12142 Votes
28. Yagami Kumi – SKE48 Team S– 11712 Votes
29. Suda Akari – SKE48 Team S– 11323 Votes
30. Furukawa Airi – SKE48 Team K Ⅱ– 11179 Votes
31. Kizaki Yuria – SKE48 Team S– 10554 Votes
32. Ogiso Shiori – SKE48 Team K Ⅱ– 9596 Votes

<Next Girls>
33. Iwasaki Misaki – AKB48 Team A– 9297 Votes
34. Matsumura Kaori – SKE48 Research Students – 9030 Votes
35. Mukaida Manatsu – SKE48 Team KⅡ – 8552 Votes
36. Nakaya Sayaka – AKB48 Team A– 8505 Votes
37. Nakata Chisato – AKB48 Team A– 8315 Votes
38. Miyazaki Miho – AKB48 Team B– 8173 Votes
39. Nagao Mariya – AKB48 Team 4– 7809 Votes
40. Fujie Reina – AKB48 Team K– 7782 Votes
41. Kobayashi Kana – AKB48 Team B– 7195Votes
42. Maeda Ami – AKB48 Team A–7168 Votes
43. Fukumoto Aina – NMB48 Team N–6912 Votes
44. Nakagawa Haruka – AKB48 Team A–6890 Votes
45. Tano Yuka – AKB48 Team 4–6694 Votes
46. Yamada Nana – NMB48 Team N–6683 Votes
47. Miyawaki Sakura – HKT48 Team H –6635 Votes
48. Katayama Haruka – AKB48 Team A–6602 Votes

<Future Girls>
49. Muto Tomu – AKB48 Research Students –6428 Votes
50. Ishida Haruka – AKB48 Team B–6333 Votes
51. Kikuchi Ayaka – AKB48 Team K–6185 Votes
52. Ota Aika – AKB48 Team A– 6140 Votes
53. Matsui Sakiko – AKB48 Team K–6058 Votes
54. Yamauchi Suzuran – AKB48 Team 4– 6027 Votes
55. Nito Moeno – AKB48 Team K– 6025 Votes
56. Kimoto Kanon – SKE48 Team E– 5982 Votes
57. Oba Mina – AKB48 Team 4– 5969 Votes
58. Ichikawa Miori – AKB48 Team 4– 5963 Votes
59. Oya Shizuka – AKB48 Team A– 5933 Votes
60. Ogasawara Mayu – NMB48 Team N– 5919 Votes
61. Sato Sumire –AKB48 Team B– 5706 Votes
62. Yakata Miki – SKE48 Team KⅡ– 5606 Votes
63. Nakanishi Yuka – SKE48 Team S– 5592 Votes
64. Komiri Mika AKB48 Team B– 5398 Votes

  • Seigi

    mayu and jurina >_< too bad miyazaki is #38