AKB48 2012 Official Calendar BOX CHEER UP! ~ あなたに笑顔届けます ~

Well~ I could wait no longer, the year will end if I didn’t post this up. You can already tell what this is can’t you? It’s a box full of cuteness!! Cost is 2831 yen, pre-ordered from CDJapan, who I had a few problems with but I’ll save that for the online store review part of my website. Let me break down the content while you take a look at the back of this slightly larger than A4 sized box. Yes it is quite small compared to what you see in the pictures.

  1. 12 clear files of the cutest members eva!
  2. An uchiwa fan! メチャカワイイ!!
  3. Message Stickers + Bonus First Press Type D Sticker.
  4. AKB phone screensaver. (Only can be used with Japanese mobile provider, doesn’t work with smart phones. (ToT) )
  5. Bikini Poster Calendar.
  6. Lastly a calendar featuring the 12 members, new page each 2 months.

やべーー Mayuyu and Acchan are just tooo cute!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Takamina, Sae!!

おお! Nyan-nyan at least that’s what I heard some of the girls called Kojima. Oh Mariko-sama, can someone explain to me how she got that nickname? Haha Shinoda Mario~

Oooooo~ Super sexy right? I feel a bit uncomfortable to use these, but I guess no one will see if I use them at home? ufufu, I wonder what it is like for AKB fans in Japanese schools? I think they use them lol!

These are the last of the clear files. They are all too cute~

On the back of each clear files is this amazing design. Obviously AKB want’s you to start the new year organized in sty…..

Next is this uchiwa fan, all I can say is やばい~

The back of the fan is customizable! Just attach those message and member stickers.

I have got to say that the uchiwa styled fan is far more effective than my old beaten up one, that an exchange student gave me.

Here are the message stickers with random phases on them, a lot of them seem to be from wota chants. Also the screensaver code I can’t use so here you go: aeyuolga

Type D stickers here, it can also be used to customize your fan, or what ever you desire.


The size of the calendar was much smaller than I had expected, but all those other goodies made up for it. I highly recommend this product to all akb fans! Also if you want to see all these pics in HD visit our facebook page! I know I am not much of a photographer, but it’s challenging to take photo of paper. (^^;)

edit: I have made a discovery! On the calendar it tells you when each of the featured 12 member’s birthday is! Right underneath the day, the member name is written. I discovered it when I tried using it, but who uses paper calendars these days? These calendar are made of high quality glossy paper though.

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