AKB48 – 風は吹いている 【Type-B】

Finally I decided to pick-up this single, it felt like just yesterday that this was released. These days I am not keeping up with AKB as much as I use to… they just don’t felt the same as I remembered them. Having said that they are still awesome! (^q^) So having waited this long what are the benefits of purchasing it now? Well obviously the price is massively reduced to $10 including shipping, where as if I bought it when it was first release I could of paid as much as $30 from HMV or around $25 from CD Japan with SAL shipping!

In this type-b version Mayuyu, Yukirin and Takamina are all on the front. <– Wow I just notice I used all their nicknames, it’s only natural!

And on the back is Tomomi-chan, Nyan Nyan (yes I call her that too) and Jurina who I still have not taken a liking to and I don’t know why???

Sharpness is never overate! (Kai) Here we have turned sharpness up to 400%.

The PV is a bit weird but okay… I don’t quite understand it, nor did I pay much attention when their is a giant dog that looks like a cake you can buy from breadtop.

ほら~ see…

The usual promo stuff, except this is kind of old, remember that calender box I got hehe…

Oh~ I remember these the sticker book, I remember seeing them on CD Japan.


The reason it’s kind of grainy was because of the texture of the lyric book and the light shining on it.

The worlds savior? or a cake?

Remember when I said I was not going to buy anymore Namajashin’s well ☆POW☆

These “hero’s” photographs are just so awesome! Mayuyu looks like a total badass ahaha.

Can’t get enough of Rena, now can we?