AKB48 – 真夏のSounds good! [Type-B]

This could possible be the last AKB CD I will be giving an overview of? I received it a bit late because I had put it in the same order as Otome Sensou which needed to be pre-ordered, they were shipped together to reduce my shipping costs. (^q^)

As you can kind of see this single comes in a holographic box.

The back of the box featuring many other members, I barely know any of them if it wasn’t for AKBingo and Nemousu TV.

A look at the case without the box. This seems like it is replacing the OBI strips, we don’t know for sure until AKB’s new releases come out; I am sure that won’t be long…

The CD with Manatsu no Sounds good and 2 other coupling songs, along with their off vocal ver.

I love the promotional video (PV) for Manatsu no Sounds good! It has a sci-fi theme to it. It looks pretty violent to me… compared to the ‘Beginner’s’ original PV which was too violent to be aired on TV.

Here’s a quick look at the lyric card. It always seems to be full of pictures.

Flowers ahh…

Here’s the voting card that I never got to use. It’s not like I could change the result anyways…

Finally, I found a Namajashin hidden at the back. Lucky! I received Yamato Sayaka the captain of NMB48!