Acchan Graduate from AKB? あっちゃんAKBを卒業?

As you might already heard Atsuko Maeda (前田敦子) or more commonly known by her fans as Acchan is going to graduate from AKB. This might not mean much to an average person, but in fact it is a big deal, so please allow me fill in the details. Acchan had receive 1st place in 2009, and a total of 139,892 votes in 2011, placing her first again. In 2010 she came 2nd next to Yuko Oshima (大島湯子). Having the most votes means some crazy guy (probably fat and wearing glasses) bought tons of the same song just to vote for Acchan, his probably sweating right now trying to sell off all the excess CDs. Or it could be that Acchan has many fans. Either way she has become the most popular member, which means she gets to take the center position.

I first heard about this incident when I was still half asleep and just playing with my iPhone in bed. I went on to youtube and clicked on a new video from Yuko1osi1017さん. In the video she goes to talk about how surprised she was and what is going to happen to Acchan, while repetitively turning over a double sided Acchan shitajiki. “Is this a joke?” I first thought. I was so surprised; the most popular member who is just 20 years old is going to graduate. This led me to the video of Acchan presenting this shocking announcement.


Various other members such as Shinoda Mario, and Yuko Oshima are well over 20 and are some of the most popular members, but we don’t want to see them go either! This is particularly why it was a shock to me. Well we can’t hold on to her forever, she had made the decision herself (hopefully) and will want to follow her own dreams like everyone else. After all she is just an average girl… with talent.

If you have followed Acchan, you know how awesome her personality is. She is just so bright, cheerful and happy. It makes me happy to see her. (^^) I hope she continues to pursue her career as an actress, that is what she wants to be after all, and I can say that she is an awesome actress. I have seen both Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 and Q10. They were both brilliant! Unlike Mayu and her Sabadol, not that I have anything against Mayu, after all she is my Oshimen.

Without Acchan AKB won’t be the same, I already miss her even though she hasn’t left yet. I feel like I’ve lost interest in AKB now, maybe I should sell all my merchandise and start following Momoiro Clovers Z or Hello Project. Recently I have really gotten into Momoiro, I enjoy their music too much, maybe it’s about time I learnt their faces and names. How hard could that be? Also they have way cooler merchandise!

I am just kidding! Not about how awesome Momoiro is, but the stop following AKB part. Anyway this concludes this lengthy post. Until next time~