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Who is Takeru?


My avatar in Ameba Pigg, I have been told that I am an ikemen by many girls ufufu…

うい~ Hi! I am Takeru-sama!  The site admin, author, and designer of Kobayo. You may also know me from my previous site Chiu’s Figures.

I am a software engineering student! Yes I can program! It use to be a hobby, but now I study it, and also I program at work too. Too much programming (@[email protected])

I love cute things! I try to keep this a secret, because it can be seen as girlish, childish, and most people associate this with your sexual orientation. Sometimes I can’t resist myself though.

I also really like to make jokes all the time. Most of the time they are lame… but I laugh at my own jokes. ( ≧Д≦)

I love Japan very much! Especially pop culture such as anime, jpop, game, idol and dorama. I once was known as an Otaku, but now I find it very difficult to associate myself with that title, as I have lost quite a lot of interest in anime, but I still watch them from time to time. I still collect figures, but not as much. (Save money big time!!)

Although I have lost my interest in anime, I have became a huge fan of Momoiro Clover Z! There are many reasons why I love Momoiro Clover, most importantly having something you love, something to motivate you, just something to live for, could be a valid reason? Also something to suck on your back account hehe(^^;)

I am also a modern samurai well I believe they are know as kendoka these days, well actually I never heard use that term except wikipedia and the people who reads wikipedia, most Japanese people say kenshi (剣士) meaning swordsman. Kendo relives a lot of stress.

Anything you want to know just leave a comment and I will update/add to this Cha…Cha..

– Takeru たける

  • Miranda

    I see you have the making of negima live I have been trying to see episode 23 do you have if? cool site!

    • Hi Miranda,

      Thanks for your sweet comment.
      I have episode 23, but with no subtitles.