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What is Kobayo.com?

The name Kobayo was created by combining the first names of my favourite characters, Kobato Hasegawa (羽瀬川小鳩) from the anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (僕は友達が少ない) or more commonly known as Haganai (はがない) and Tomoyo Kurosawa (黒沢ともよ) from Sound Horizon (サンホラ). Both characters can be viewed in the sites header. They are used to promote the site’s cuteness! With both of them cuteness rises by 70 percent!! (There I go saying something weird again.)

The characters of Kobayo is written as follows 小ばよ, 小 is the kanji meaning small, if I were to use this to refer to something small in Japanese I would say 小さい which is pronounces as chiisai. The reason that this kanji was chosen for the ‘ko’ in Kobayo was because small things are cute! right?

Well that is enough explanation now; I can’t believe I created something with meaning. (@[email protected]) In case someone every ask you, “What is Kobayo?” I have prepared a short description below.

The site’s description is as follows:

Full of cuteness! Kobayo aims to promote Japanese pop culture through out the world by looking at artifact such as, anime, figures, jpop, jdorama and idols.

Now you have a grasped of what Kobayo is but what can you expect to see here? Umm… almost anything to do with Japan plus random extras! Don’t be shy to request any content you want to see! What I want to blog about? Japan!! but that is kind of a dream I am working toward. For now most of the content you can expect are to do with Japanese pop culture e.g. anime, j-pop, idols and so on. There will also be a lot of unboxings, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

When I first started blogging I couldn’t tell some spam comments from the real ones. One of the spam comments was, “Where do you see this blog heading in the future”. I replied with a whole essay. (^^;)

That is a really good question so I will love to give a short idea of where I think I would like to see this blog heading. In the future, 1~5 year’s time I hope to be able to get the opportunity to travel to Japan, whether it’s for holiday or on exchange. In Japan I would visit as many places as possible. I will let you know now that I love photography, although I am just a beginner at the time of writing this. So while visiting these places I would love to take many pictures of Japan, learn all about their culture to share with people like you and me. People who do not have to opportunity, money (like me) or who wants to see what Japan is really like before visiting.


  • Kobayo is all about cute things and Japan.

I do have a confession to make. I make a lot of mistakes in both Japanese and English so please do correct me if you think I made a mistake in spelling or grammar. I greatly appreciate your help. (^o^) If you do help me, I will give you one free coupon for election rigging. (What? I didn’t say anything.)


History (we have history? Kyaaa)

On 2010/01/05 Chiu’s Figures was launched with the domain chiu1.wordpress.com, this site was created out of the pure boredom of a 17 year old. The purpose at the time was to review anime figures. Below is an extract from the original about page.

This site was created because I wanted to share my collections of figures with you! O.K. not all of that is true, I just read someone else’s blog and though oh cool that looks like fun, I want to try it. Anyway the creation of the name took me hours, but I am finally satisfied with it. Chiu’s figure what kind of name is that?! Hahaha I don’t really know. Well let me tell you, it’s the name of an anime character’s name’s secret identity, did you get all that? if you don’t that’s ok. Her real name is Chisame Hasegawa from the manga Mahou Sensei Negima! by Ken Akamatsu and she secretly takes the role of Chiu, a #1 net idol. Chisame is extremely talented in computers so I thought it might be a great idea to let her do the reviews on figures. If you want to learn more about her you can visit the link here.

On 2011/04/25 Chiu’s Figures had been moved from wordpress.com to dreamhost for 1 year of free web hosting! A domain was secured in the name of chiusfigures.com.

On 2012/01/25 a second domain name was secured as kobayo.com and linked to the same Dreamhost web hosting account. Kobayo.com was set to become the new Chiu’s Figures, this simply was not a re-name but a restart. Kobayo was not officially active until early march when it transferred from Dreamhost to Hostgator. Chiusfigures.com was shutdown on 2012/03/02.


After a month and six days of planning, designing and programming, Kobayo has developed it’s very own custom theme known as Project Kobayo. The theme was implemented on 2013/01/11 in its alpha stage.


2013/01/17 Updated to beta version.



Credits and Special Thanks

Kobayo.com is powered by wordpress.

Project Kobayo developed by 佐々木尊(Takeru Sasaki)

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