2013 Happy New Year!


It has been about 1 month since my last post, excluding of course the re-post of building a figma christmas tree. So what have I been doing in the last month? Let’s forget about that, after all this is not a diary! Originally I was going to post this before christmas however I was a little lazy. Today I will be talking about random things… enjoy!!

It was christmas yesterday wasn’t it except for the people who are living in the past. (You know who you are! Unless of course your reading this in the future.) I spent all morning in Ameba Pigg. It was so much fun!! There are these music rooms where four people can become DJ’s and play whatever song they like as long as it fits the theme of the room. If people like the songs they will stay and/or give you point and can even become your fan. We played a lot of christmas songs such as Santa-san(サンタさん) by Momoiro Clover, Last Christmas sang by Miwa, and Christmas by Amazarashi in the first half. For the rest of the morning and even till evening it was all Momoiro Clover songs!


I took a picture, as you can see in this moment I was the DJ, current song is Chai Maxx. The DJ directly in front of me waiting as number 3 is Nao, she’s a Momoka fan. We met again today and were at it again lol.  I had a great time with these guys I mean girls… The room’s theme can vary from idol, anime, jpop, kpop and even visual kei. (at least I think it was visual kei?)


Now let’s move on to the next random topic! You may have notice I have been working on a project known as ‘Project Kobayo’ for the past month or so. “What is it?”, someone from the comment box shouts. Well it’s a new wordpress theme developed from scratch just for Kobayo. It is taking a lot of time since, it’s my first time developing a theme for wordpress. Much more difficult than I first thought but I have learnt so much! You can view the live progress over at test.kobayo.com/wordpress. The navigational menu at the top itself took me almost a week. All that is left to work on is the slideshow, sidebar, footer widget and then I will start working on the pages. After some testing, it would be live on this site, however it will still be in it’s beta stage. The expected release date is mid January 2013.


Translation: A Perfect Match

2013 will be a busy year for many of us, this actually includes me. If all goes well, at the end of the year, I promise many exciting things will occur. I can’t give too much away, so you will just have to wait and see. Oh and luckily I managed to get my god hands on a copy of Momo Kuro’s Himeguri Calendar, so wait for the review!

Now for the last topic, Kohaku Uta Gassen! This year so many of my favorite artist will be performing. YUI, Momoiro Clover, and SKE will be there for the first time! As well as Nishino Kana, Arashi (host again), FUNKY MONKEY BABYS, EXILE and many others. I am so excited! It airs on NHK at 7:15pm JST new years eve. I’ll be watching(^^)


It’s cuteness overload. (^q^) Well that wraps it up for this post, it was starting to get too long so I decided to put my drama recommendation in a separate post coming up shortly, till then I will await your presents I mean presence…