【WONDA X AKB48】 Lucky Charm お守り

Here was another AKB collaboration, this time it was WONDA. Well known for their coffee in a can. In the picture above, the plastic cap fits perfectly on top of the coffee can. The contents within the plastic cap has a special spiritual aura, which is able to protect anyone from anything! Hohoho (sorry too much Momo)

I am going to be protected by these cute 2 girls ufufu. I can protect myself with 7 years of karate and 1 year of kendo kekeke, but the sole purpose is to train my mind, body and spirit. Anyway I never use my skills to hurt anyone, only to protect and defend. I am such a good person haha, but sometimes it can be boring. That was a bit off topic, anyway having 2 charms is useful, and I can’t protect myself from bad luck, why does bad luck have to be so cruel!

On the back is a small pocket, to store your things. Just kidding lol, it is so tiny that only a small note will fit.

Mayuyu is mouse and Yui-han is a frog だよ❤

Some free Japanese tea came as well. I never tasted Japanese tea before, so as I was typing this, I also drank the tea. Hmm…  it smells kind of like the ramen soup I make using: soy sauce, chicken stock, garlic, ginger and sesame oil. The taste is somewhat mmm… I don’t know how to describe it. I think I’d prefer my Chinese green tea.